April CMC Fabs Private Meeting

Event Start Date:April 24, 2018Event End Date:April 25, 2018Event Venue:NXP, Chandler ArizonaContact Meena Sher for Details

February Meeting – CMC Fabs

Event Start Date:February 15, 2018Event End Date:February 15, 2018Event Venue:8am PST by phone (afternoon/Asia mtg will be 2/19 at 3pm PST)Please contact Meena Sher for more information.

February Meeting – CMC Associates

Event Start Date:February 14, 2018Event End Date:February 14, 2018Event Venue:8am & 6pm PST by phonePlease contact Diane Scott for details.

CMC Conference 2018

Critical Materials for Device Driven Scaling Featuring Keynote: David Bloss, Intel VP & Director

Jan. 19th Monthly Meeting

Event Start Date:January 19, 2017Event End Date:January 19, 2017Event Venue:Online/Phone MeetingPlease join us for our Monthly CMC Meeting on January 19th, 2017 on CMP Consumables. Members have the option of joining at 8am PST or 5:30 pm PST.