Quartz prices to increase further despite global downturn

Chip quartz prices to increase further despite global downturn
  •  Kang sung tae
  •  승인 2022.12.13 16:30

Wonik QnC and others raising the price
Image: Wonik QnC
Image: Wonik QnC

Prices of quartz used in the production of computer chips are expected to increase again, TheElec has learned.

Their prices already increased during the earlier part of the year but are expected to increase another 10%.

This is because of the increase in raw material prices as well as the unfavorable exchange rate.

South Korean manufacturers of quartz such as Wonik QnC and Young Shin Quartz are expected to increase prices soon.

It is very rare for two price increases for quartz within a single year, a person with direct knowledge of the matter said.

Quartz is used in focus rings and other commodities within the wafer chambers during chip production.

This quartz must have over 99.99% purity and the raw material needed are supplied by companies in the US, Japan, and Germany.

South Korean quartz makers rely on imports to make their quartz and they are raising the price as their suppliers have also told them of a price jump.

Demand for quartz is also expected to continue to increase as more of them are used the more advanced a chip process node is.

Advanced chips require more etching and the plasma output also increases, which wears down commodities such as quartz faster.

According to Eugene Investment & Securities, the South Korean quartz market is expected to be worth 1.3 trillion won this year and grow to 1.6 trillion won next year