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2022/07/01Global smartphone, PC shipments to decline in 2022 on China slowdown – GartnerGlobal smartphone, PC shipments to decline in 2022 on China slowdown – Gartner June 30 (Reuters) – China’s slowing economy and an inflation-driven drop in consumer spending are expected to drag down global shipments of computers and smartphones this …2022-07-01 13:32:46
2022/06/17How Replacing Coal With Renewable Energy Could Pay For Itself  The world may gain an estimated $78 trillion over coming decades by making this energy transition. View as a webpage How Replacing Coal With Renewable Energy Could Pay For Itself (PHOTO: IMF PHOTO/LISA MARIE DAVID) By Tobias Adrian, Patrick Bolton and Alissa …2022-06-17 05:39:36
2021/12/10How Do We Produce Future Green Technology Without Damaging Seabeds?TECHCET: With demand forecasted to increase significantly for many key metals and elements given green/zero emissions targets, mining output will need to rise and this includes expanding mining production to include seabeds as a metal/mineral source. How Do We …2021-12-10 22:41:47
2021/10/14TechInsights Inc. announce the acquisition of The Linley Group, IncTECHCET: TechInsights provides insightful breakdown of device technologies and their analysts have contributed to TECHCET events in the past. TechInsights Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of The Linley Group, Inc., an industry-leading source for independent technology analysis of …2021-10-14 20:17:45
2021/03/10Sony Buys GAA Patents from IntelTECHCET: The article speculates the patent acquisition will be for GAA technology used to fabricate future generation of CMOS Image Sensor Sony Buys GAA Patents from Intel By Kim Eun-jin March 8, 2021, 12:24 Sony purchased 35 patents from …2021-03-10 00:31:55
2021/02/19Cement maker promises to speed up EV battery charge timesTECHCET: Material development will enable new battery technologies and advancements in battery performance. If a new battery technology can reduce or eliminate the need for Cobalt that would alleviate concerns with conflict minerals. Of course, a substantial reduction in Cobalt …2021-02-19 15:15:45
2021/02/11Imec, Belgium, just reached a major milestone for high-NA (0.55 NA) EUV lithographyImec, Belgium, reports for the first time the use of a 13.5 nm High Harmonic Generation source for the printing of 20nm pitch line/spaces using interference lithographic imaging of an Inpria metal-oxide resist under high-numerical-aperture (high-NA) conditions. The demonstrated high-NA …2021-02-11 07:14:55
2020/11/17Globalfoundries US has been awarded USD 400 M Defense ContractsDEFENSE CONTRACTS VALUED AT $7 MILLION AND ABOVE DEFENSE MICROELECTRONICS ACTIVITY Globalfoundries U.S. 2 LLC, Hopewell Junction, New York, has been awarded a ceiling increase of $400,000,000 under modification P00068 to previously awarded contract HQ0727-16-C-0001 for access to leading edge, current …2020-11-17 12:12:04
2020/10/01Cobalt, EV – Tesla to roll out China-made Model 3 cars with cobalt-free LFP batteriesThe price of Cobalt has been volatile in the past years. Lithium iron phosphate (LFP or LiFePO4) batteries are cheaper to make and contain no cobalt. Tesla will use LFP batteries in all Model 3 vehicles made in China with …2020-10-01 08:30:42
2020/09/21Green Chemistyr, Fabs – Evonik and Siemens commission chemical production pilot– The plant consists of a carbon electrolyser, developed by Siemens Energy, a water electrolyser and the bioreactor with Evonik’s know-how. – In the electrolysers, carbon dioxide and water are converted into carbon monoxide and hydrogen with electricity in a …2020-09-21 13:12:33
2020/07/20Ford “All In” with Intel’s Mobileye for ADASTECHCET Analysis:  Intel’s investment bet now looks like it is paying off, with Ford joining VW in building ADAS functionality and branding off of the Mobileye platform. Note that this announcement includes hardware for ADAS1 and ADAS2 capabilities which are …2020-07-20 14:57:10
2020/01/04OculiiCorp and Infineon are partnering on radar softwareInfineon and Oculii Partner OculiiCorp and Infineon are partnering on radar software solutions that aim to scale performance for L1 ADAS all the way to L4 Autonomous Driving. – Oculii and Infineon are collaborating on radar software solutions that scale …2020-01-04 08:46:35
2019/12/14Imec Shows Excellent Performance in Ultra-Scaled FETs with 2D-Material ChannelImec Shows Excellent Performance in Ultra-Scaled FETs with 2D-Material Channel SHANNON DAVIS At this year’s IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (Dec 7-11 2019), imec, a world-leading research and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies, reports an in-depth study of …2019-12-14 01:06:47
2019/12/14IMEC Forksheet 2nm DeviceImec Presents Forksheet Device as The Ultimate Solution to Push Scaling Towards the 2nm Technology Node Hanne Degans press communications manager – imec This week, at the 2019 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting, imec, a world-leading research and innovation hub …2019-12-14 01:06:13