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2021/10/14TechInsights Inc. announce the acquisition of The Linley Group, IncTECHCET: TechInsights provides insightful breakdown of device technologies and their analysts have contributed to TECHCET events in the past. TechInsights Inc. is pleased to announce …2021-10-14 20:17:45
2021/03/10Sony Buys GAA Patents from IntelTECHCET: The article speculates the patent acquisition will be for GAA technology used to fabricate future generation of CMOS Image Sensor Sony Buys GAA Patents …2021-03-10 00:31:55
2021/02/19Cement maker promises to speed up EV battery charge timesTECHCET: Material development will enable new battery technologies and advancements in battery performance. If a new battery technology can reduce or eliminate the need for …2021-02-19 15:15:45
2021/02/11Imec, Belgium, just reached a major milestone for high-NA (0.55 NA) EUV lithographyImec, Belgium, reports for the first time the use of a 13.5 nm High Harmonic Generation source for the printing of 20nm pitch line/spaces using …2021-02-11 07:14:55
2020/11/17Globalfoundries US has been awarded USD 400 M Defense ContractsDEFENSE CONTRACTS VALUED AT $7 MILLION AND ABOVE DEFENSE MICROELECTRONICS ACTIVITY Globalfoundries U.S. 2 LLC, Hopewell Junction, New York, has been awarded a ceiling increase of …2020-11-17 12:12:04
2020/10/01Cobalt, EV – Tesla to roll out China-made Model 3 cars with cobalt-free LFP batteriesThe price of Cobalt has been volatile in the past years. Lithium iron phosphate (LFP or LiFePO4) batteries are cheaper to make and contain no …2020-10-01 08:30:42
2020/09/21Green Chemistyr, Fabs – Evonik and Siemens commission chemical production pilot– The plant consists of a carbon electrolyser, developed by Siemens Energy, a water electrolyser and the bioreactor with Evonik’s know-how. – In the electrolysers, …2020-09-21 13:12:33
2020/07/20Ford “All In” with Intel’s Mobileye for ADASTECHCET Analysis:  Intel’s investment bet now looks like it is paying off, with Ford joining VW in building ADAS functionality and branding off of the …2020-07-20 14:57:10
2019/12/14IMEC Forksheet 2nm DeviceImec Presents Forksheet Device as The Ultimate Solution to Push Scaling Towards the 2nm Technology Node Hanne Degans press communications manager – imec This week, …2019-12-14 01:06:13